We charge £6:75 per lesson paid in cash or online in four-week blocks in advance. Any lessons in that four-week block that are missed or not taken are re-funded the following four-week block. No one is penalised for not training. 


A licence is required costing £17:00 per year for adults and £14:00 for juniors; this includes membership to our own association, TTTKA (Thackley Tigers Traditional Karate Association) and FEKO International (Federation of English Karate Organisations). The license fee also provides insurance for the individual student. Public liability insurance is already taken care of.


MONDAY evenings for seniors (Adults). 

7:00 until 8:30:

WEDNESDAY evenings for Juniors (under 13).

6:00 until 7:15.

WEDNESDAY evenings for advanced learning (Adults)

7:15 until 8:15.


We grade on average about three times a year, the pandemic has spoiled this regular grading pattern, but we hope to return soon to it.